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[The feed comes on to focus on Rei, sitting upright in a bed in a nightgown, the blankets pulled up to her waist. It can't really be seen, but she's already got a little bit of a belly going. Anyone who saw her when she went in to the hospital a couple of weeks ago, or even before that when she was feeling so ill, will notice that she looks much better than she has been.

But... she doesn't exactly look happy. Not nearly as mad as she was when she first found out (that resulted in a lot of screaming and threatening to murder Mitch if she ever got her hands on him - she's clearly calmer now) but definitely not the the picture of a glowing expectant mother that one might imagine she should be.

She sighs just before beginning to speak.]

I'm sure it hasn't escaped people's attention that I haven't been around... I went in to the hospital after being sick for almost a month and received a... surprise.

[she glances away, and the next words are muttered, but just loud enough for the mic on her comm to pick them up]

I'm pregnant. I'm nearing three months. Since I didn't know... I wasn't taking care of myself and...

[her words trail off, hand coming to rest on her stomach. The doctors said it to her several times, but she still finds it hard to believe that she nearly killed herself by negligence alone.]

A-anyway... I'm pretty much stuck in this damn bed until next month. Even then I can't exactly work, so... Paulo, Douglas, Rock... you're running the garage without me. I can still come by and supervise once I'm able to get up again, but the work is all on your hands. I'm going to keep a look out for potential workers, but until then Dart and Haku are your backups still.

Please behave yourselves.

[and with that she reaches forward and clicks the feed off]
[Rei isn't looking much better than she did the day before when she was sitting outside the shop moping. She's got a cigarette in her hand and appears to still be very tired. Add a scowl, and this is not a very happy Hawaiian.]

Tails is gone. He was datafrozen in the garage and when I came in this morning he was gone. His comm isn't registering anymore either...

[she sighs, taking a drag off her cigarette]

I need new mechanics. Experienced ones, or at the very least people who are capable of learning really quickly. Right now it's just Paulo and I here until my brother in law can come back to work or Rock gets unfrozen, and I really need more hands to help run the shop.

[she starts to say something more, but decides against it and shuts the comm off with a huff.]
[Rain is coming down in buckets, and the wind is blowing enough that Rei isn't even bothering with an umbrella. She is in a rain poncho, though, bundled in layers underneath it. She's looking up at her house which has a little bit of damage to the roof already, but is otherwise okay.]

Damn... so glad I've weathered worse storms before... I think our house is gonna hold for now.

[she glances back at her comm, not really paying much attention to just how much water is falling off her poncho.]

Anyone in Axyori need any help? I really hope everyone is okay out there.
[some one is eating. Very noisily. And is apparently unaware that their D-Comm has turned on to this somewhat embarrassing moment.]

Rei? ... Rei? ... Reiko!


... are you okay?

... fine. Why?

You've uh... w-well... I've... never seen some one as small as you put away so much food.

What? [mouth still full] I'm not eating any more than I usually do!

... Rei. Look at the table.


... that's a lot of wrappers.

Yes. It is.

... I ate all that?

Yes. You did.

... I'm still hungry.

There's no way-- ! Are you sure you're feeling okay?

I really... don't know...
Hey! Allen!

[video clicks on to a view of a birthday cake on the office desk in the garage.]

Happy Birthday! I know you're not helping today, but you might want to come in and get this.

... and before you ask, no, I didn't make it. Haku made it.

Miria was having a difficult time. Went to visit her. She's asleep on me, so I'll be home late.

[Tenth Boom]: [Locked from Hostiles]


... okay. I knew this before, but it must not have registered but...

2010? Really?

[Ninth Boom]: [Locked from Hostiles]


Something on your mind, Reiko?

The snow made me think I missed something...

Well it is Christmas.

I know that! Just... something else...

Something to do with Mitch?

No... no...


Christmas is the 25th. ... oh damn!

What?! What is it?!

... I forgot my own birthday. I'm twenty one now.

... [snicker, trying and failing to not laugh out loud] Oops. H-happy birthday and merry Christmas, Rei?

[grumble] Oh shut up...

[Eighth Boom]: [Accidental Audio]

[The tail end of an explosion triggers Rei's d-comm]


[coughing] Naga, I didn't mean it! I'm sorry!

Damn right you're sorry! What, you don't have any witty retorts this time?! No way of insulting me for playing it slow?! OH SURE, I'VE GOT THE OUTFIT, BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN I'M AUTOMATICALLY OF ILL REPUTE!

I wasn't thinking! Please! I-I won't go near him-

[the comm suddenly goes static and clicks off]

[Seventh Boom]: [Partial Accidental Audio]

[The comm clicks on in the middle of some one gasping sharply, followed by a strangled cry.]


[Another cry, this one more like a scream, and several things go crashing, including what sounds suspiciously like a body hitting the floor from a height.]

... Rei... ? Y-you wouldn't wake up...

I... [Rei coughs, breathing harshly] n... nightmare...

... some nightmare. ... Rei... are you okay? You look... like you're gonna be sick or something.

[There's a long silence from Rei, but it's obvious she's trying to catch her breath, and eventually she hauls herself back on to her bed.]

Y-yeah... I'm okay... [another pause] My comm recorded that, I think...

O-oh... yeah, it looks like it did.

[sigh] That would figure... I'm uh... I'm gonna go for a walk, alright?

Without me?

I'm not going far. Promise.

[shuffling for a few minutes, and the comm is picked up somewhere along the way before a door opens and closes.]

[Locked to Ashton]

Um... Ashton... if this is a bad time, I'm sorry... but can I see you?


[looking up]
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